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Ben 10 Motocross Ben 10 Motocross Ben 10 MotocrossThis is a special motocross game, starring the boy hero, Ben 10. He is still learning how to handle such a powerful motorcycle, but you are here to help him. Together, you will have to manage your way through the terrain and collect the symbols.
Simon Says Simon Forgot Simon Says Simon Forgot Simon Says Simon ForgotThe ultimate test of short term memory test.
Ben 10 Super Jumper Ben 10 Super Jumper Ben 10 Super JumperHelp Ben 10 to jump on the platforms as high as you can.
Hank On Hank On Hank OnThe objective of the game is direct character from one chain to another, gaining points with every successful hang. The further you hang on, the more points you will get. Be careful not to miss, you only have one life.
Unstoppable Game Unstoppable Game Unstoppable GameDo you really REALLY like blowing stuff up...? There's a runaway train headed your way and it's loaded with a cargo of toxic chemicals! Can you build track fast enough to guide it through towns and avoid massive destruction to public property?
Coca Cola Landmower Coca Cola Landmower Coca Cola LandmowerCollect as many bush as you compare to your opponent and avoid mowing the flower.
Find The Objects Forest Find The Objects Forest Find The Objects ForestFind the objects which are hidden inside with in 10 min. Click over the objects to get points. You will lose points for making mistakes.
Hollywood 3 Hollywood 3 Hollywood 3A set of stars needs a makeover.
Vampires Crypt Vampires Crypt Vampires CryptVampires and werewolves? This will be Houdini's greatest escape ever...
Hidden Secrets The Nightmare Hidden Secrets The Nightmare Hidden Secrets The NightmareFlora Dale is in a deep coma and you must help her solve complex puzzles to regain her memory and discover her attacker. In here your job is to help find clues to help her understand what led her to end up in this hospital bed.
Gravitee Wars Gravitee Wars Gravitee WarsGravitee Wars is an addictive space shooting game inspired by Artillery. You play as the red team. Use the gravity and kill all of the other colored teams to win. Click and drag to aim and shoot. The blue line shows where your shot will go.
Ninja Hunter Blood Moon Ninja Hunter Blood Moon Ninja Hunter Blood MoonSet your difficulty and type to kill the incoming waves of attacking ninjas.
Underground Army Underground Army Underground ArmyThe aim is to build your city as large as you can while defending against invading forces. The longer you manage to hang in there the higher your score is. Submit your high scores to the world-wide scoreboard and try and become the worlds most successful president!
Jungle Boogie Jungle Boogie Jungle BoogieClimb up ladders, grab fruit, swing from vines and more in this platformer.
Gimme Candy Gimme Candy Gimme CandyFight the kids trick or treating and send them to the ground as you take their candy.
Best Free Kick Best Free Kick Best Free KickTry to beat the defender and goalie.
Jrpg Defense Jrpg Defense Jrpg DefenseThe player is going to find out how difficult it is to be an epic hero struggling with the evil, to protect thousands of innocent civilians and to fight for 20 different trophies. Various magic scrolls and elements, such as fire, earth, air and holiness will help to achieve the goal. There are six types of enemies
Tweety Saves The Day Tweety Saves The Day Tweety Saves The DayGrab the medicine but watch out for the cats. You lose a life if the cats touch you.
Duck Boat Duck Boat Duck BoatHelp Roddy steer the duck and avoid obstacles in his path.
Find White Bottle Find White Bottle Find White BottleFind all white bottle before time runs out.
Mystical Crystals Mystical Crystals Mystical CrystalsDrag and draw a box around the balls to make it hit the square boxes to earn score. White and yellow balls should hit the same colored squares and red ball can be used to hit both. Play all the levels and win the game.
London Cabbie London Cabbie London CabbieFink it’s easy being a cabbie in London do ya? Well, I’ll tell you what sunshine, why don’t you ’ave a quick go and see ’ow you get on?
Mr Looney Ride Mr Looney Ride Mr Looney RideMr.Looney is back, This time he is riding his new truck.Collect Burgers and drinks and reach to the end of the level.
Zoo Truck Zoo Truck Zoo TruckThe zoo is getting a new shipment of all types of animals. Drive the truck to the zoo after picking up the animals. Be careful not to lose any during the drive. Get these cute animals to the zoo safely.
Buggy Bricks Buggy Bricks Buggy BricksRove around in your lunar buggy and blast bricks with your laser.
Evasion Racer Evasion Racer Evasion RacerThe game has 6 levels, each level offering a different challenge. When you finish a level you get access to a shop where you can buy armor, maximum speed and nitro.
Zevzen In Town Zevzen In Town Zevzen In TownA new public event are comming in a small Town with a funy name Kaspichan... A group of enthusiastic people desided to gather funny fellows on tha town stage. Lets make a fest of humour. But... Amoung god fellows there is few intruders who may came in town uninvited. Your mission to stop them!!! All of them!!!
Ladystar Difference Ladystar Difference Ladystar DifferenceHere is a cool game for you to test your concentration abilities by finding the differences between two pictures. Carefully look at these pictures that seem identical but, in fact, they are not, and find all the differences between them before the time runs out. Pay attention to small details and you will realize that the pictures are not quite identical, point the differences to make them vanish to get to the next level and gain points! Do not point on identical details because you will loose points!
Puzzle Mania Ice Age Gang Puzzle Mania Ice Age Gang Puzzle Mania Ice Age GangFix the pieces exactly on the picture frame. Use mouse to fix the pieces. Click on the pieces to change its direction.
Easter Bistro Easter Bistro Easter BistroThe most fancy bistro of all times is our super cute and colorful Easter Bistro. Welcome to this awesome management challenge and help the Easter Bunny serve food to our DoliDoli friends. Use your skills to serve up the cookies and the jello, color up the Easter eggs and cook the steak. Serve the drinks as well and make sure each DoliDoli friend is satisfied in the Easter Bistro. See the Easter Bunny in action, make a profit and go through all the levels, keeping up with the high demands of Mina, Lisa and Toto. Have a happy Easter and be sure to wait for the Easter Bunny to bring you treats from his special Easter Bistro.
Word Search Gameplay 19 Word Search Gameplay 19 Word Search Gameplay 19Search all fruits scrambled on the screen.
Grill Pork Chops Cooking Grill Pork Chops Cooking Grill Pork Chops CookingToday Sara will be teaching you how to make delicious Grill Pork Chops. At every step you will be provided with instruction on how to make the Grill Pork Chops. On early completion you will be given bonus points.
How To Make Corn Porridge How To Make Corn Porridge How To Make Corn PorridgeSet a large saute pan over medium heat and add a 2 count of olive oil. Add the onion and caramelize for about 10 to 15 minutes. Stir in the coconut milk and ginger and simmer for 5 minutes to reduce a little. Remove the ginger and add the hominy. Season mixture with salt and pepper, to taste, the nutmeg, and chicken stock and cook for 10 minutes to heat through and allow the flavors to come together. Pour into a serving dish and season with pepper, if desired.
How To Make 1 Fish 2 Fish How To Make 1 Fish 2 Fish How To Make 1 Fish 2 FishLearn how to make this seafood dish.
Dig It Dig It Dig ItThe goal of the digit Puzzle is to reveal the hidden treasure box.
Mini Escape 4 Mini Escape 4 Mini Escape 4Mini Escape 4 is the fourth episode of Mini Escape point and click type escape the room game by Zomayor and created for Escape Games 24 visitors. In this game you try to search around to find some useful things and solve puzzles to escape the room.
The Portal The Portal The PortalTurn and move around the rooms as you pick up items to help you along your escape.
Alchemy Swap Alchemy Swap Alchemy SwapYou must align the bottles of paint to destroy them and score points as well.
My Yellow House Escape My Yellow House Escape My Yellow House EscapeMy Yellow House Escape is another new point and click house escape game from games2rule.com. You are trapped inside in a Yellow house. The door of the house is locked. You want to escape from there by finding useful object, and hints. Find the right way to escape from the Yellow house. Have a fun game play.
Hexagram 2 Hexagram 2 Hexagram 2Hexagram 2 is the sequel of the popular match three game Hexagram. Many players gave different ideas and this is the final result of this. The game still has the same rules but now you can make power ups and use them.
camilla belle dress up camilla belle dress up camilla belle dress upAn actress. Some of her works include The Lost World: Jurassic Park, When a Stranger Calls and 10,000 B.C. She has dual US-Brazilian citizenship.
sew pucca sew pucca sew puccaSew a Pucca design, who may just be the funniest character on the Internet. She always has a little smile on her face!
flower gardening flower gardening flower gardeningThe objective of the game is to collect the requisite money by gardening and collecting flowers.
fairy 44 fairy 44 fairy 44Behind those jungle outfits she is actually a very affectionate fairy.
sue hairdresser 2 sue hairdresser 2 sue hairdresser 2Sue has a new client to cut.
a good day a good day a good dayHelp her get a good day.
fashion show time fashion show time fashion show timeChoose clothes and hairstyle for this nice girl.
love matcher love matcher love matcherLove matcher is a puzzle game which combines memory with a matching game. Try to score as many love couples as possible.