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Trupido Trupido TrupidoYour goal is to run and jump along the platforms while collecting coins.
Truck Toss Truck Toss Truck TossTruck Toss is a one level truck game, the aim of the game is to keep going for as long as you can till your fuel runs out. You can buy upgrades, that will help you conquer the achivements and build high scores which you can submit and share with players from around the world.
Picking Bananas Picking Bananas Picking BananasDraw a line that will allow you to ride over it and pick up all the bananas and reach the exit.
Jumpingts Jumpingts JumpingtsMake the gifts jump on the platform.
Gorillaz Tiles Gorillaz Tiles Gorillaz TilesMatch the images in mahjong style.
Burger Corner Burger Corner Burger CornerYour task is to prepare and serve the burgers to the customers according to their wish by which your collection box gets filled. Keep in mind! If the customer waiting time exceeds, the customer will move away from shop.
How To Make Chili Burger How To Make Chili Burger How To Make Chili BurgerMore chili sauce may be used as desired in patties; I generally almost double the amount, which makes a very moist burger, but it also falls apart easily.
Transformers Prestige Transformers Prestige Transformers PrestigeGuide Transformers robot leader through the Earth's catacombs to acquire energy for an upcoming final battle on Cybertron.
The Rather Difficult Game The Rather Difficult Game The Rather Difficult GameTactically tackle three tricky tasks together!
Cassandra The Witch Dress Up Cassandra The Witch Dress Up Cassandra The Witch Dress UpWitches are known to be mean and making spells to transform people in animals and other horrible spells. But we also know that there are many of them that are doing good spells and help us. Cassandra is one of the good witches and she is a beautiful young girl that learned the magic from her mother and grandmother. Today she is so excited because her mother will teach her the secret spell of how to make a boy fall in love with a girl and she hopes she will be able to apply the spell on the boy she likes so much. But in the end what she'll find out is that being yourself and looking good is the secret of making someone fall in love with you. So help her out because she'll meet the boy she likes later on today. Dress her up in a cute outfit choosing a pretty top and bottoms or maybe a dress then match to it a pair of shoes. Do her hair too for a sweet look and at the end choose a witch's accessory to show the boy what she can do.
Amanda Peet Dress Up Amanda Peet Dress Up Amanda Peet Dress UpAn American film and television actress. After studying with Uta Hagen, Peet began her career in television commercials, and progressed to small roles in television and indie movies. Featured roles in films such as The Whole Nine Yards (2000) brought her recognition and she was named one of People's "50 Most Beautiful People in the World". Her subsequent film roles were more prominent, and included Something's Gotta Give (2003) and Syriana (2005).
John Cena Dress Up John Cena Dress Up John Cena Dress UpDress Up one of WWE's biggest star.
Dead Silence Dead Silence Dead SilenceShoot the incoming waves of enemies as you earn money and upgrade your weapons.
Diamond Detonation Diamond Detonation Diamond DetonationThis game is similar to other Bomberman type games. The Evil Miners have have captured legendary gems and you must get them back.
Absolutely Hammered Absolutely Hammered Absolutely HammeredHammer as many nails as possible in the last 15 minutes and earn as much bonus as you can. The closer you are to the center of the nail the easier it goes in and the more bonus you earn. Hit the Space bar to have a tea break and help stop your hand shaking.
Amigo Pancho Amigo Pancho Amigo PanchoFly your friend to freedom! Click to remove items from the puzzles so Pancho can escape the crazy canyon. Try to keep his balloons intact—it's a long way down!
Adventures In The Jungle Adventures In The Jungle Adventures In The JungleFans of Dragons Lair and Space Ace will go apeshit for this awesome game!
Glossy Cupcake Glossy Cupcake Glossy CupcakeTry to make the best mouth watering eye candy cupcake ever,
The Grand Heist The Grand Heist The Grand HeistSteal the diamonds and stay hidden.
Last Egg Standing Last Egg Standing Last Egg StandingThis Rotten Flying Fox wants some Juicy fresh-squeezed Eggs! Grab a Basket and Help him Out!
Nebulus Nebulus NebulusNebulus is a run and jump puzzle game except from a unique perspective. Instead of viewing a side scroller you view a tower from the side. You move your character around the tower and work your way up to the top past traps to finish the level.
Magi The Fallen World Magi The Fallen World Magi The Fallen WorldChoose your character, search quests, explore dungeons, fight powerful monsters, discover lost treasures, and play endless adventures! This is an Action-RPG game set in a large World randomly created at the start of every “New Game”.
Tiny Rpg Tiny Rpg Tiny RpgProgress through the RPG as you buy increasingly powerful weapons and armor to take on enemies.
Dodgy Squirrel Dodgy Squirrel Dodgy SquirrelIt's a squirrel fight of the fastest and most furious!
The Taste Of Revenge The Taste Of Revenge The Taste Of RevengeLet them feel the wrath of your revenge.
Doctor Zed Doctor Zed Doctor ZedAfter unsuccessful experiments a gigantic virus escaped from the laboratory. An irretrievable thing happened, the virus began to grow and infect planets on its way. The Galaxy destiny is in your hands. Help Doctor Zed free the Galaxy from harmful infections. Virus hunting has already begun.
Osiris Ii Curse Of Osiris Osiris Ii Curse Of Osiris Osiris Ii Curse Of OsirisTake half-god Orchid on an epic quest around the world to find a way to break the curse of Osiris. Fight monsters, solve puzzles and dodge traps in 18 stages spread over 3 continents.
Maze Game Game Play 6 Maze Game Game Play 6 Maze Game Game Play 6Help the boy to find his lost dog.
The Bounce The Bounce The BounceJump high to sky and collect stars while going up.
Crack The Nut Crack The Nut Crack The NutAre you sure that you can crack a nut? This funny puzzle will definitely crack your brain! In this absolutely marvelous game you will have to use your brain, logic and over human skills to complete all the 25 levels and crack 25 nuts. Chalky graphics and ambient music will pleasantly surprise you! Total fun!
Push The Cat Push The Cat Push The CatClick on striped blocks to remove and help the mass hit the noisy cat.
Stawberry Hide N Seek Stawberry Hide N Seek Stawberry Hide N SeekThe Stawberry Shortcake and her friends are playing Hide-N-seek. Can you find them all?
The Ratmobile The Ratmobile The RatmobileDrive around in a hamster-powered Ratmobile and collect all the gold coins without crashing. There are more ways to go so explore the levels and collect more points for a higher high score.
Zombogrinder Zombogrinder ZombogrinderHaving a meat wave, a tropical meat wave! Drive through Zombie Town and make a meaty mess out of the local undead!
Animal Pairs 2 Animal Pairs 2 Animal Pairs 2Animal Pairs 2 is a fun paired cards game. match up the picture pairs together in the least amount of guesses possible to gain the top score.
Easter Basket Easter Basket Easter BasketCreate a delicious and lovely Easter Basket for everyone.
Contexture Contexture ContextureArrange the scramble pieces on the grid to form a contexture.
Syrup Factory Syrup Factory Syrup FactoryPull the lines or columns in order to form groups of at least three fruits of the same color. Fill the green syrup bar before the time expires to advance to the next level.
Ice Cream Parlor Ice Cream Parlor Ice Cream ParlorSoft serve ice cream in a self serve style! Help these hungry customers whip up their own custom, delicious ice cream treats complete with chocolaty syrup, marshmallow toppings, sprinkles, cherries and more.
The Lion At The Car The Lion At The Car The Lion At The CarThe lion is on the roof of the vehicle. Help him to maintain the balance on the roof of the car.
Zen Zoop Zen Zoop Zen ZoopKeep Zoop steady as she moves through her yoga poses.
Traffic Jam Traffic Jam Traffic JamFind a way the get through your car to all the vehicles!
Must Escape The Burger Joint Must Escape The Burger Joint Must Escape The Burger JointYou were supposed to close the burger joint but it seems like someone has locked you up in there. Now it
supergirl dress up 2 supergirl dress up 2 supergirl dress up 2Can you help Super girl to wear different kinds of Marvel heroes costumes?
paint the princess paint the princess paint the princessChoose the Little Mermaid or Jasmine. Paint them as you would like!
sue the hairdresser sue the hairdresser sue the hairdresserHelp Sue style her Boyfriend.
kim dancer dressup kim dancer dressup kim dancer dressupHelp Kim the dancer choose the best costume.
my charming snake my charming snake my charming snakeTake care of a baby snake that has been given to you! Clean and feed the snake, then dress it up to give the snake its charming side.