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Epic War 2

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The new epic war is here, now with dozens of new units across 3 playable races, dynamic music, a new upgrade system and 3 huge boss battles!

Epic War 2

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Caroline Find The Numbers Caroline Find The Numbers Caroline Find The NumbersThis game uses images from Coraline animated movie. You need to find numbers hidden in these images. The list of all numbers in in the right hand side. Find all numbers from the list and click on them to pass to the next picture.
Fun With Funnel Cake Fun With Funnel Cake Fun With Funnel CakeDeep fried to perfection then topped with a custom assortment of chocolate sauces, whipped cream or frosting, fruits, candies and all the scoops of ice cream you can handle! Where funnel cakes go fun follows, so come along for a delicious adventure!
Turbo Truck 2 Turbo Truck 2 Turbo Truck 2Drive your monster truck over the obstacles as you tilt and lean as you try to make it to the finish.
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Short Cut Short Cut Short CutClick on various road tiles to let them rotate in oder to connect starting point and goal.
12 Swap 12 Swap 12 SwapSwitch the smiley faces around to match them up in rows or columns of three or more.
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business doll maker business doll maker business doll makerChoose a fashionable dress, new hair and beauty accessories like necklace, earrings and a noticeable makeup for her.